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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia by night

"When the night comes, the starry sky reflects on its surface like in a mirror, and you have the feeling of being in space."

I can see my house from here.

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"Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by nature."

- George Harrison (via tea-storm)

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Alexandra Levasseur

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"Of course, you never really forget anyone, but you certainly release them. You stop allowing their history to have any meaning for you today. You let them change their haircut, let them move, let them fall in love again. And when you see this person you have let go, you realize that there is no reason to be sad. The person you knew exists somewhere, but you are separated by too much time to reach them again."

- Chelsea Fagan (via dulcetdecember)

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"I was never insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched."

-  Edgar Allen Poe (via themeltingpopsicles)