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While I was praying I saw a shooting star in the sky, it’s been quite awhile since that’s happened. It seems as if the stars used to be around more.
There was once one to always see them..
Now I’m here, noticing it, the sky, far from a different ones land. 
Same moon, same sky, same spirit..
Underneath the sky we wait. I hope to see the outflow of ones heart.  

It’s hard to forget the past, the former things only stay for a short while, but the things that mean’t the most to us will stick with us.

We aim, we keep aiming.
If by living by the spirit offers peace and grants us what our hearts desires..and God promises life for us in his plans, then the new things that come are way will only be better then before. If we continually seek after him, they will be simply good. 

I don’t think God wants me to fear. 
That just really hit me. God does not want me to fear. 
I really feel like he just whipsered that into my heart.. He doesn’t want me to be afraid of the unknown, to be afraid of failing, to be afraid of losing, to be afraid of my mistakes. He has everything under his control. The destiny he formed for me won’t change from any of my doing, his plan for me isn’t to stay like this forever. 

There is something going on that he’s doing we can’t see. 

And I am very excited.